About our company


www.malaysiaseafood.com, a potentially largest online seafood and complementary marketplace,

is an e-commerce seafood marketplace initiated by Deep Sea Fishery Kingdom. People have been talking about selling seafood online but they ended up selling in big general marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee. It’s not entirely a wrong strategic move, but creating presence in these platforms can’t create the true values of the seafood. Salmon for human-consumption and canned salmon for your beloved cat are not the same and yes, the term “Salmon” used here is the same.


Our platform, www.malaysiaseafood.com, focuses to create a niche of seafood and complementary that matches the daily consumption needs of you, I and the rest of the human population. Our platform gathers all the big players in seafood industry and we ensure that the products on-sales are fresh, price-worthy and quality assured to all the seafood lovers out there. Our merchants are big enough to give our customers the best prices, and big enough to ensure sufficient quality seafood supplies for the entire Malaysians’ demands. Seafood and complementary products come in different form, size, quantity, quality and condition; all of which will be distinguished and only a limited amount of each unique product will be listed. We eliminate unnecessary price war.

Many people are focusing on creating their own website and hence individual websites are mushrooming. However, every website owner has the same goal; to create presence to people which is huge enough to promote their business and growth to another level. Seafood business owners are not exceptional. Everyone wants to rank number 1 in the search but unfortunately, not everyone can have the same fate and most of the time it’s generally the big marketplaces which will take the lead. With www.malaysiaseafood.com, it’ll no longer be the case and we believe we can bring in real customers who are truly interested in seafood and at the same time our merchants can promote their best-selling products with high conversion rate into sales. A single all-in-one platform to maximise presence and sales.


www.malaysiaseafood.com starts off as a B2C marketplace to fulfil the needs of the people. However, since our platform comprises of more than just end users, potential business owners who need bulk purchases for their businesses use such as restaurants and processed-seafood manufacturers may also come in. Hence, B2B will be the next form of transactions, in the same single platform, with little or no extra effort required in marketing. The beauty of our platform lies on the niche where we focus on our seafood and complementary products, and the rest will follow.

In summary, www.malaysiaseafood.com targets are:

As a niche marketplace of seafood and complementary

Big players in seafood industry with unique products, and best price and quality

As a single all-in-one platform for both seafood merchants and consumers

B2C marketplace in the beginning and B2B marketplace next.

From Deepsea to table. New era of freshness is now.

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