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BIG Seafood In Small BOX

BIG Seafood in Small BOX:- Ready-to-Eat (RTE), Ready-to-Cook (RTC) &BIGBOX Ala Carte Products

Everyone loves new things; new clothes, new friends and new favourite restaurants. BIG Seafood in Small BOX (in short, BIGBOX) is not exceptional because nobody says no to new good food! One of the BIGBOX products is ready-to-eatseafood series where we mix and combine our fresh and delicious seafood with different sauces in a small container box. The container box is suitable to be heated directly using a microwave and immediately ready to be consumed thereafter.

What? In a container box? Is it safe to be consumed? Is it really fresh? Most importantly, is it really that delicious? We know what you are thinking and let us answer your questions.

The container box used is microwave reheatable. So, don’t worry about getting harmful chemical mixed with your delicacies because it has high melting point; but not as high when you fell in love with the irresistible taste, you’ll melt instantly!

Next, we are using our fresh frozen seafood as our main ingredients. Yes, fresh frozen seafood. Many people have misconception towards frozen seafood because they always perceived frozen to always equal to unfresh. This is no longer the case because we are using quick freezing technology where we freeze our seafood almost immediately while they are fresh, packedand distributed right after.

“But.. it’s in a box and how is it possible to be so delicious and so convenient at the same time?” It’s possible. We carefully selected based on the local preferences and mixed with the most suitable seafood combinations. Youtry first then youwill know and let your tongue speaks for you. Also, imagine you are sitting comfortably in your office’s air-conditioned pantry and havingniceseafood during your lunch break while your colleagues are busy looking for restaurant just to wait for a decent lunch to be served. Feeling “Atas” isn’t it? Somemore it’s very affordable! There are more to come. We intend to develop more flavours with more seafood varieties in the near future but we will always stick to our rule of thumb; to select only the best of the best mixes!

At launch, we will be having FIVE
different mixes of seafood with different sauces:

Ready-to-eat isn’t your cup of tea?

Don’t worry, we understand some people don’t mind to spend their lovely evening in the kitchen to unleash their cooking skills and to make sure there is enough “wok-hei” in their dishes for dinner. Hence, here comes the ready-to-cook series where we bundle combos of seafood and sauces, separately, in one package each.

Making scrumptious and delightful sauces can really be a pain in the neck especially when you (or your spouse) is someone who is very taste-conscious and perfectionist when it comes to good food. So, here you go! Our readily packed sauces are on-par with the high-end restaurants out there that you have ever tasted, and now together with fresh and high-quality seafood! Yummy, appetising, mouth-watering – whatever you call it. Now every family and full-time mother/father can get to prepare delicious meals for their children and spend more quality time with them. No more excuse to grabdeliveries and risk your meals in others’ hands.

Did you know, besides ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook series,

we also provide ala carte seafood products which are easily available on www.malaysiaseafood.com, Lazada, Shopee and many supermarkets and stores all over Malaysia? (Check out who we partnered with to triple confirm) What differ us from the rest lie on the quality, price and convenience which we are able to provide to our customers.

In terms of quality, we want to emphasise on the quick-freezing technology which we used to freeze all of our seafood products. Since our seafood are frozen at the peak of their freshness and delivered at an optimised temperature, all of their flavours, nutrition and textures are locked and secured, don’t matter if they are fishes, prawns, crabs, shells or any seafood products. Once again, we want to break the traditional mindset of most people, thinking that frozen seafood are almost always equal to unfresh. In fact, frozen seafood can be fresher than fresh seafood!

In terms of price, we import our own seafood products in bulk and make full use of our own cold chain logistics (an established firm with more than 40 trucks up until today) to handle and deliver them. The costs are greatly reduced and we eliminated unnecessary mark ups from many hands or tiers in the entire supply chain. Hence, the price which we provide to our customers are either at the lowest or lower than the lowest that the market can evergive!

Lastly, the ala carte seafood products are packed in small quantities which are suitable for individuals and small families. You can also buy more to use as gifts to your friends and family since they are all vacuum packed in nice and trendy packages. “From DEEPSEA to table, committed to quality, services and your fulfilment”. No matter you are single, married, working adults or full-time mothers/fathers, we are certain that there will always be a seafood product from us which will suit your needs and wants!

“How do I start purchasing?”

You can visit to our website www.malaysiaseafood.com and start making your purchase! Delivery time will be 3 to 4 working days only depending on your location. Psst, we even deliver to outstations such as Penang and Johor!

What? You want to buy and eat it immediately?

Fret not! You can go to the nearest Jaya Grocers to purchase it. Convenient, isn’t it? Say no more and Bon Appétit!