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Entrepreneur Program (EP) Your Road To Success Starts Here!

The spikes in unemployment rate in the recent months are worrying. This pandemic has hit us hard be it in our personal life or in the market as a whole. Today you may be receiving calls from your pals about them taking a salary cut, then the next day your boss may be inviting you to his office room to talk about your last employment day next month. It’s not surprising, in fact, many are expecting the unexpected to arrive but, how many are actually prepared to face the consequences?

Fortunately, our company, Deep Sea Fishery Kingdom, decided to come up with this new Entrepreneur Program (EP) which aims to help those who want to venture into their own business especially those who lost their job, have an impactful salary cut or face financial difficulties to sustain. To those who want to generate additional income are also welcome to apply!


So, what is this Entrepreneur Program (EP) all about? Entrepreneur Program (EP) is a dedicated program where we will nurture keen individuals who want to become a business owner and start to generate their own incomethroughjoining us as our EP partners. Instead of starting from nothing, our EP partners will automatically be entitled with the following benefits once they joined us:

Strong Branding and Market Presence

Global Procurement & Sourcing (Guaranteed Low Cost)

Special Products (By Season, New Products ie: Ready-to-Eat Series)

Marketing & Promotion (Combos, Samples, Banners, E-marketing & E-commerce)

Holistic Supports & Guidance (Step-by-step, Products Know-How)

Financing & Capital (EP Reward Scheme)

Account & System (Cloud-based Software)

Fast & Easy Delivery & Ordering Process

Reliable & Control by Area (Limited Entry per Area)

All that are left for our partners to do is to sell, sell and sell;

you gain what you sold. It’s that simple and straight forward.


You might be curious, why are we initiating such program which is too good to be true? Is there any conspiracy behind it?


This is a win-win program where, first of all, our EP partners will be able to solve their financial problems and potentially achieve financial freedom. As our EP partners grow and expand,we will grow together and our branding will be more recognised especially in the end users market. Hence, it’s important and our priority to nurture our partners with all the necessary skills and knowledge as our partners will be representing our company’s brand all over Malaysia.

Now, with less than RM10,000, you can start your own business instantly with ready inventories and complete equipments.


If you are keen to find out more and join us as our EP partners, don’t hesitate to contact us.


016-203 0179 (Mr. Chili Lee)
017-878 0972 (Ms. Sam Chong)
Time and tide wait for no man. Your road to success starts now!